Healthcare and Benefit Advocacy

Healthcare & Benefit Advocacy


The U.S. healthcare system continues to overwhelm employers and employees. Consumerism, which includes a shift to high deductible health plans, places significantly more responsibility on patients to seek out cost-effective providers. Transparency tools exist to help with the decision process, but research shows few people are using them. (1) Healthcare decisions are fraught with emotion, and human-beings are known to make poor choices when highly stressed. (2)  In addition, some people equate care cost with care quality, despite strong evidence to the contrary.(3) No one enjoys buyer’s remorse, particularly, when its related to serious medical procedures, so patients may delay, forgo, or opt for unnecessarily costly care These decisions contribute to the untenable healthcare costs affecting all of us.

Healthcare plans are complicated making benefits, coverage requirements, and claims determinations difficult to understand. This means company time is spent dealing with insurance issues instead of fulfilling business needs. We’re here to help you and your insured participants manage these challenges through fiscally responsible approaches which promote care quality and employee productivity.

An array of resources and solutions are available to help employees (and their families) make good decisions and minimize administrative burdens that hinder organizational performance and productivity. The right strategy also requires education and communication empowering participants to make informed decisions that support positive clinical and financial outcomes.

We will work with you to identify resources and services that are the RIGHT fit for your organization, workforce and explore integration of new solutions with existing programs to maximize value, streamline and enhance participants’ experiences, and benefit your bottom line.