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Healthcare is complex and anxiety provoking. Employers want to manage spend while employees and their families want the best possible care without going into debt, or worse, bankruptcy. To some, these may seem like mutually exclusive goals, however, managing costs while maintaining, or even improving, care quality is achievable. At Agile Healthcare Solutions, we use our experience, expertise to deliver positive outcomes by listening, evaluating your needs, and designing practical, evidence-based solutions. Healthcare disruption is happening; we can help you take advantage of it. We offer a range of consultative services and consider our clients as partners and allies in changing the US healthcare system through innovation, collaboration, and common sense. How can we help you? 

Healthcare & Benefit Advocacy

Behavioral-Healthcare-Agile-Healthcare-SolutionsThe U.S. healthcare system continues to overwhelm employers and employees.  Consumerism, which includes a shift to high deductible health plans, has placed significantly more responsibility on patients. . .  Read More . . .

Health & Well-Being

Health-and-Well-Begin-Agile-Healthcare-SolutionsIn recent years, companies have been inundated with a variety of wellness / well-being programs that sound great. But the lingering question is, “Do these programs really create a healthier, more engaged workforce and reduce medical spend ?"  Read more. . .

Health Plan & Medicare Guidance

Healthcare-Medicare-Guidance-Agile-Healthcare-SolutionsChoosing a healthcare plan, whether through an employer or a government program such as Medicare or the Affordable Care Act, can be extrememly challenging and time consuming. 
Read more . . .

Integrated Care Delivery

Integrated-Care-Delivery-Agile-Healthcare-SolutionsEmployees, employers and providers all win when care is integrated so that all pieces work well together. It's great to see companies bring together all partners to enhance the overall delivery of healthcare.  Read more. . .

Business Partners Committed to Your Success

Thirty years ago, Stuart Segal was a young professional who had just completed 15 years of public service including roles as first deputy managing director and deputy health commissioner for the City of Philadelphia. Stu’s deep understanding of public health and desire to help people led him to a variety of management and leadership roles in health insurance and managed care organizations, including John Hancock, US Healthcare, Aetna, Magellan, Liberty Healthcare, and AllOne Health Group. In recent years, Stu has focused on healthcare innovation with roles at Novotorium, Firecracker International, and his own firm, Strategic Solutions in Healthcare, parent firm of Agile Healthcare Solutions.

In the early 2000s, Paula Segal was a recent college graduate looking for a career path where she could make a difference in the lives of others. Drawing inspiration from her father’s successful career in healthcare, Paula forged her own path, beginning her career as a customer care associate for Health Advocate, Inc. She spent over 10 years there learning the intricacies of managing the healthcare system from the ground up, and earned her way up the ladder to more responsible roles in quality and client management. Paula then became a program director at Health Promotion Solutions where she was accountable for driving demonstrated return on investment for clients’ health and wellness programs. Along the way, Paula earned her Master’s in Health Administration.

Stu and Paula are now partners in Agile Healthcare Solutions where they combine their expertise and commitment to improving healthcare by providing a range of services to businesses, provider organizations, innovation organizations and consumers. They draw on their collective 70-plus years of experience in virtually all aspects of healthcare management, innovation and service – pretty much everything short of delivering services to patients.